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A text generator or a synonymizer is a script program that from a single article makes multiple articles by means of word replacement as synonyms. Therefore, it is called the synonymyzer. As it was already written earlier, synonymizers are now actively used when posting articles and press releases for promotion. Also synonymizers are widely used when registering in sets of site directories. The text generator is quite useful for any SEO copywriter. There are two types of synonymizer programs: 1. Text generators by using templates; 2. Synonyms with built-in base of words-synonyms. Before you start generating articles using a synonymizer from a template, you need to create a template for the main article, where for each word a set of phrases and phrases is used. An order of permutation of sentences is also possible. Everything depends on your imagination level and professional skills. Text generators with built-in word base are synonymous words, which are replaced in a certain order. When you generate articles using synonyms, you should also use the uniqueness to check and remove the non-unique generated articles using the shingle’s method. A shingle is a part of the text that consists of a specified number of words that are in the text one after another. Shingle is also applied when checking the uniqueness of the text. If a certain number of shingles in your article coincides with a certain percentage of another article, then such a text is considered to be non-unique. When using the synonymizer it is recommended not to specify a large number of shingles. This will allow you to generate a better text. With an only unique text, an average of 80 quality articles can be generated.

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